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Here you will find proven help and information about kundalini symptoms and syndrome

Since 2010 I have helped many hundreds of people to alleviate and completely overcome all symptoms of the kundalini syndrome such as:

  • Uncomfortable feelings of pain and pressure in the body
  • Uncomfortable feelings of energy in the body
  • Uncontrollable emotions like fear, anger and depression
  • Childhood trauma and other difficult memories emerging
  • Head pressure
  • Frightening paranormal experiences
  • Fear of going insane
  • Inability to function in the world
  • Over-sensitivity
  • Alienation from the world
  • A sense of turmoil and confusion

Who is Tara?

I am a qualified psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher and the combination of those two approaches has enabled me to successfully help my clients. I have also been in my own kundalini process since 1977 (since the tender age of 17) and had to learn to overcome many challenges in this process myself.

I would like to tell you straightaway that this is not another internet site that will tell you about the horrors of the kundalini. Quite the opposite, I feel that the kundalini process is an enormous blessing with many wonderful gifts waiting for everyone after the initial tumultous phase is over.

Some of the gifts of the kundalini

  • The ability to access a joyful and even blissful state of mind at any time
  • Realising spiritual states of mind that you have previously only read about in books
  • The ability to manifest all your desires
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Enhanced problem solving ability
  • Enhanced ability to influence other people for the better
  • A sense of deep vocation and calling in your life
  • Physical youthfulness, energy, health and beauty
  • Possibly supernatural ability like spiritual healing, clairvoyance, channelling higher beings and many more (this will come later in the process)

 Tara’s book about kundalini and kundalini syndrome 

The book is available in English, German and Dutch. The English and German version is downloadable from my websites as a Pdf and all three versions of the book can be bought from Amazon and in bookshops all around the world (mostly).

But if you buy them as an ebook directly from this website, they are 25% cheaper! To view or buy click on the picture of the book






Other books by Tara Springett

All these books are helpful in the kundalini process but the most important are Spiritual Joy, Stairway to Heaven and The Five-Minute Miracle. To view or buy click on the picture of the book

Seven Golden KeysSoulmate Relationships

Stairway to Heaven

The Five-Minute MiracleThe Happy Eating Approach

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