Kundalini Symptoms

Here you can find a collection of typical kundalini symptoms. They all can be overcome readily with the method of higher consciousness healing. I have helped literally hundreds of clients to achieve healing with all these problems. How to do this is described in my books: Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini and Higher-Consiousness Healing.

Mental and spiritual kundalini symptoms


Feeling drawn to spiritual practice and literature

Stronger motivation to make one’s life-style healthier and more loving and spiritual in every respect

Motivation to work in a profession where you can be of service to others

Motivation to spend time in nature and live in a natural setting

Heightened intuition, deeper wisdom and even clairvoyance

Ability to make deeper contact with your higher power

Ingenious insights and heightened creativity

Heightened ability to access one’s own unconscious mind and see the positive and negative character traits of oneself and other people more realistically

Inspiring past life memories

Heightened ability to progress on one’s chosen spiritual path, understand spiritual literature and experience exalted spiritual states

Increased ability to be honest, humble and to laugh about oneself

Heightened ability to feel other people’s emotions and read their minds

Increased ability and power to influence others (also called charisma)

Increased power to manifest our desires

Development of supernatural powers like spiritual healing

Hearing of heavenly music or sounds

Seeing beautiful lights, sights, visions and colours

Experiencing ordinary objects and people as intensely beautiful



Increased problems with irrational thinking and confusion, e.g. intensified neurotic thought patterns or faulty spiritual concepts

Episodes of increased selfishness, pride or even megalomania (e.g. believing one is Christ)

Episodes of unrealistic low self-esteem

Making impulsive decisions based on confused assumptions

Hearing of (frightening) voices and disagreeable sounds

Disturbing past life memories

Seeing frightening visions like contorted faces in the dark, ghosts and demons


Emotional kundalini symptoms


Deep states of bliss and ecstasy

Deep and effortless love, forgiveness and compassion towards friends and enemies alike

Fewer needs for emotional support from others and fewer material needs and desires

Deep humility but also unshakeable self-confidence and compassion for oneself

Increased motivation and ability to give up negative and addictive habits

Seeing other people’s inner beauty and their potential to be divine



Amplified negative emotions like strong anxiety, despair and anger

Emotions may become so strong that they feel like physical pain

Discovery of negative emotions that one was unaware of before – like envy, spitefulness, racism and hatred

Amplified feelings of guilt

Amplified sexual issues

Resurgence of old emotional traumas and wounds

General oversensitivity to sense stimuli like noise, bright light or simply ‘vibrations’, e.g. one may enter a house and find the atmosphere intolerable

Fear of going mad

Amplification of relationship problems, feelings of not being able to relate to family members or old friends anymore

Seeing other people’s selfish motivations more clearly

Sense of alienation from the world


Physical kundalini symptoms


Sense of pleasurable energy rising from the abdomen

Deep sense of physical bliss, e.g. orgasmic feelings all over one’s body

Better health and resistance to illness

Increased beauty, radiance and physical rejuvenation (e.g. wrinkles disappear)

Spontaneous blissful movements (so-called kriyas)

Sexual feelings all over the body (some people find that very uncomfortable)

Feeling more sexual in a positive way, e.g. massively intensified orgasms

Higher amount of physical energy

Urge to change one’s diet and life-style to be healthier



Tingling, buzzing, tickling sensations all over the body

Jerking, shaking, quivering

Weird body sensations like feeling that parts of one’s body are unusually enlarged

Resurgence of old or chronic pain and disease

Unexplained sudden pains in many areas of the body: stabbing, burning, gnawing pains

Untreatable chronic pain that is not related to any diagnosable illness

Sense of uncomfortable churning energy

Sense of ‘too much’ energy moving through one’s body, often up the spine

Sense of energy blocks, e.g. sense of energy collecting in areas of the body and causing discomfort and pain

Textbook-like symptoms of well-known diseases that cannot be found by a doctor

Over-sensitivity and more pronounced side effects of prescription drugs and complementary medicine

Head pressure

Increase or decrease in appetite and the need for food

Hot flushes or sensations of coldness

Uncomfortable spontaneous body movements

Strongly increased or decreased libido, embarrassing new sexual desires or change of sexual orientation

Low energy and fatigue



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