Advice for Kundalini Syndrome

In this article experienced psychotherapist and Buddhist  teacher Tara Springett gives eight pieces of advice to overcome problems during a spiritual crisis:

To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

Stop reading horror stories on the internet

I find it shocking how much false information about the kundalini is disseminated on the internet. Even in books, you find many unsubstantiated claims of the most horrible nature.

I have been in my own kundalini process since 1978, I have known many people with awakened kundalini throughout my life in the Buddhist groups that I participated in and I have worked with hundreds of clients suffering from kundalini syndrome since 2010. I have yet to see a single person who was physically harmed through the kundalini. I have seen quite a number of people who were afraid of being harmed but there was never anybody who was actually injured in any shape or form.

Sadly, I have also seen a number of people who sought refuge in psychiatry but usually they discovered very quickly that they did not belong there. Most other people experienced some strong emotions and had confusing experiences, which were at times very uncomfortable but never truly dangerous for their mind or body.

All I can say is – please do not read any horror stories on the internet or in books. You will just make matters worse for yourself.

Slow down all spiritual practices and reading of spiritual books

Many people in a spiritual crisis have a tendency to meditate and pray even more than they did before in order to combat their symptoms. This approach often backfires because spiritual practices fan the kundalini and can make matters even more confusing and uncomfortable for you.

So, the general advice is to slow down spiritual practices to a minimum, including the reading of spiritual books. An exception to this advice is the reading of biographies of spiritual people. It can be helpful to read the life stories of sincere spiritual seekers because it can be a great comfort to know that others have gone through similar challenges to our own. I also find that people in a spiritual crisis find reading my own book Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini very beneficial and anxiety reducing.

Do calming and healthful things

Once you have slowed down your spiritual practices, you may have more time on your hands. Try to fill this time with healthful activities like walking in nature, swimming, gardening, cooking or simple creative projects.

Practice loving-kindness for yourself

Practice loving-kindness for yourself by imagining being your own best friend and wishing yourself to be happy and healed as if you are giving yourself a big hug. Don’t beat yourself up for having a crisis or for the many flaws that you may see in your psyche. Be kind and compassionate with yourself – just like you would comfort a sad and frightened orphan.

See the kundalini as part of your unconscious mind

Many of my clients see the kundalini as an outside force that has somehow entered their mind and they are very frightened about this. But nothing has come from outside into you. All symptoms come from your own unconscious mind and simply amplify what has been in you all along. All weird and wonderful symptoms are simply emotions that are on their way into your conscious mind. The more painful they are, the more unconscious they still are. There is no need to be afraid of your own emotions. They may be uncomfortable but they are not dangerous.

Don’t just surrender – take responsibility for your own well-being

Be careful with ideas like “just surrender to the kundalini“ or “the Universe wants me to do something or test me“. With this kind of thinking, you are giving away your power to forces other than yourself and that will make you vulnerable and often confused. Instead, take the reins of your life firmly in your own hands and make all your decisions about your well-being yourself. Don’t allow any force or person – no matter how well-intended – to make these decisions for you.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important now. Make sure that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night and do not be tempted to believe that you can cope with less. Some books claim that people in this process do not need as much sleep as before but in my experience with my clients this is not the case. For some people, it may be necessary to take some medication for sleeping. I am not a friend of medication but when it comes to sleep I advise clients to even take prescriptions drugs if herbal preparations do not help. For lighter cases, you can find an exercise to induce sleep in my book about kundalini.

Practice higher consciousness healing to calm down anxiety, wild emotions and energy blocks

Last but not least, I would like to give you the advice to practice higher-consciousness healing as described in my books Higher-Consciousness Healing and Healing Kundalini Symptoms. This approach has been designed to calm down the anxiety, out-of-control emotions and energy blocks that many people experience after an awakening. The technique is very simple and can be learnt from the book and will reduce your problems from the very first moment you use it. With practice, you should expect to eliminate your negative feelings in a matter of days or weeks.

Tara Springett is a fully qualified and licensed psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher who has specialised in working with people who have trouble with kundalini symptoms. To make an appointment click here

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