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The following questionnaire is based on my work with hundreds of clients with awakened kundalini. It is my experience that if the following criteria apply, your kundalini has been awakened.

Think about the time or time period when you suspect your kundalini was awakened. Do you feel that ever since:

  • your interest in spirituality and personal development has increased? (this is the most important sign)
  • your emotions have increased in intensity – more intense anxiety, anger and despair but also more intense feelings of joy and even bliss?
  • you are more sensitive than before towards sense perceptions? For example, do you feel lights as brighter than before or noise as more disturbing? Do you sense atmospheres, vibrations and the emotions of others more often?
  • that energy is moving in your body as heat, cold, blockages, pressure, churning, tingling, shaking or sometimes as bliss?
  • you had (more) paranormal experiences like visions, voices, clairvoyance, premonitions or extremely unlikely coincidences?


If you can say yes to all five questions it is highly likely that you have awakened kundalini. You need to be careful not to read too many horror stories about the kundalini on the web. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Instead, I recommend that you read one of my books about kundalini  (downloadable from my website and also available on amazon and in bookshops) where you can find plenty of encouragement and a positive outlook on the kundalini process.

If you do not have paranormal experiences but all the other four criteria are met you have a mild kundalini awakening. You would benefit from reading my books as well as you may soon have a fuller experience when the right trigger comes along.

I hope you found the test useful.