Introduction to book: Healing Kundalini Symptoms

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In this book, I will introduce simple methods that have helped over a thousand of my clients with kundalini symptoms quickly and effectively. My clients often suffered from the most extreme problems but were usually liberated from their pain, fears, strong emotions and confusion by the methods described in this book within weeks or a few months. They now experience the kundalini process as a gift and living happy and meaningful lives.

It is the promise of this book that everyone who seriously uses the methods within it can expect a significant improvement in their kundalini symptoms or even complete elimination of them. Not only that – the kundalini is, in essence, an expansion of consciousness and as soon the first difficult symptoms subside, you can expect to experience more creativity, more joyful feelings, deeper spiritual wisdom and in some cases even supernatural powers such as clairvoyance or spiritual healing.

My own kundalini was awakened over 40 years ago at the tender age of 17 and became more clearly apparent at the age of 24. Therefore, I spent all of my adult life with this phenomenon. When I was young, there was no Internet and I first heard of the term kundalini at the age of 28 when my Buddhist teacher read from the books of Gopi Krishna. The experiences of Gopi Krishna, however, were so extreme that I did not recognise myself in them.

I only truly understood what was going on with me when I asked my Buddhist teacher Garchen Rinpoche for the tummo trans- mission at the age of 40. Tummo is the Tibetan Buddhist equivalent of kundalini awakening as described in Lama Yeshe’s book Bliss of Inner Fire: Heart Practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa. Unfortunately, I had difficulties with the tummo practice and therefore began to read all sorts of books on the subject and it was only then that I realised I had been in the kundalini process almost all my life!

By that time, I had already been a psychotherapist for many years and had also received permission to teach meditation and Buddhist philosophy from two Buddhist teachers. I had conducted thousands of psychotherapy sessions and had guided meditation groups for many years. So, it seemed a good idea to share my knowledge with clients who also suffered from kundalini symptoms. I created a website in 2010 and started to work with kundalini clients from all around the world. At first, the clients trickled in but they increased with each passing year until I was literally flooded with people who were more or less desperate to receive my help. For that reason, I have decided to describe in this book how I help people to liberate themselves quickly and effectively from all their kundalini symptoms.

This book also addresses therapists and psychiatrists who want to know more about this phenomenon, which is sometimes described in the psychiatric literature as a “spiritual crisis”. To heal such a crisis, it is firstly important to understand thoroughly what constitutes the kundalini phenomenon and, secondly, to know how to apply the method of higher-consciousness healing.

Higher-consciousness healing is a transpersonal healing modality that I developed approximately 20 years ago. “Transpersonal” means that it combines spirituality with psychology. The method consists of effective Tibetan Buddhist techniques – presented in a simple way – that will heal all the afflictions that can occur in the kundalini process. Higher-consciousness healing uses simple visualisation and breathing techniques but it is not important to be good at visualising. It is enough to feel the things to be visualised are there or to simply “perceive” them just like a playing child would. I have described the general method in detail in my book Higher-Consciousness Healing. Here, in this book, I will describe this healing technique again and how to apply it to kundalini symptoms.

In 2014, I published my first book about kundalini Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini. It deals mainly with the questions of how to awaken the kundalini and how to use it to reach spiritual enlightenment. If you want to know more about my personal story, you can read it there. In this book, I will mostly talk about how to overcome any painful, confusing or frightening kundalini symptoms most quickly and effectively.

A kundalini awakening is a very mysterious phenomenon but I have tried my best to give down-to-earth, practical advice that people of all faiths can follow and I hope my guidelines will also be understood and accepted by psychotherapists and health practitioners with a more Western outlook. Everything described in this book is based on the experience I have gained from treating over a thousand clients in many thousands of therapy sessions. Only if there was no other way to explain certain concepts, have I referred to the spiritual wealth of Tibetan Buddhism.

Unfortunately, there is very little practical knowledge for the treatment of kundalini crises from other psychotherapists or spiritual teachers. Even Tibetan Buddhist teachers usually have little to say about the so-called lung-diseases (literally translated “wind-diseases” which means “energy-diseases” and are the Tibetan Buddhist equivalents of kundalini symptoms). They often content themselves with the advice of reducing spiritual practice, drinking some alcohol and eating more meat. Among Western therapists, I did not find much useful information either about how to deal with a sudden opening of the subconscious mind and the many symptoms that accompany this process. Most therapists only give general advice and, unfortunately, often use methods that have been developed for people without kundalini syndrome. Their techniques therefore often do not help or can even cause damage.

Due to this lack of expertise among Eastern and Western therapists and spiritual teachers, I see myself as a researcher and even pioneer in the field of the treatment of spiritual crises. I have learned from each of my clients what works and what does not and over the years refined, improved and expanded my methods. The result of this work you now hold in your hands and I will explain everything in detail without holding anything back. It is my hope that many sufferers will learn to help themselves through this book and that therapists and psychiatrists, too, will gain knowledge of how to help their clients with kundalini symptoms more effectively.

I want to reassure all my readers right from the start that my clients have had extremely good results with the methods outlined in this book and there are many testimonials on my websites that confirm this point.

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