Spiritual Crisis

by Tara Springett

To find more information click here to have a look at Tara's book
To find more information click here to have a look at Tara’s book

A spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis can happen to anyone through spiritual practices like meditation, ritual or prayer or through the reading of spiritual literature.

Typical symptoms include confusion, frightening paranormal experiences, sense of alienation to other people and weird energy phenomena in the body.

Even though these symptoms can be very frightening they are essentially harmless and can be dealt with rapidly as soon as you can talk to someone who understands these problems and can also explain to you how they are essentially different from mental disease.

The real problem with a spiritual emergency is the many forms of bad advice you may be given in your search for help, which will only aggravate you further.

There will be many well-meaning people who may tell you that you are possessed by demons, ‘entities’ or even the devil. Nothing of that is true. What is happening is that
through your spiritual practice or reading your unconscious mind has opened up somewhat and you are experiencing your own suppressed negativities. This may be frightening and very uncomfortable but can be readily dealt with through the right techniques.

Other people may tell you that you have a mental disease like being bi-polar or similar vague diagnosis. As a trained psychotherapist I can discuss with you in detail the differences between mental disease and a spiritual crisis. While both conditions have certain superficial similarities they are fundamentally different.

I have helped numerous people who were in the throes of a spiritual emergency and in a high state of anxiety. I have found that when we work together the anxiety is usually gone within days or weeks, simply because the new understanding of your situation will quickly calm you down. I will also show you the anti-anxiety technique that has proven extremely effective to get rid of all sorts of anxiety and fears.

Higher-consciousness healing is a transpersonal (spiritual) healing method that has proven highly effective to help people who are in a spiritual crisis. The healing agent in this approach is pure love, which can alleviate all sorts of frightening phenomena including paranormal experiences, amplified emotions and confusion.

When using higher-consciousness healing I will help you to go more deeply into your own spiritual path and understand its teachings in the health-giving way they were intended. I have worked with people from every possible spiritual or religious background and all these people were able to use their own spiritual beliefs in a more positive way.

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