Healing Kundalini Symptoms

In this book, Tara describes in detail all the techniques that she has used with over a thousand clients to help them to alleviate all sorts of symptoms resulting from a kundalini awakening. Her results are extraordinairy and you, too, can learn these simple techniques straight from the book to make your kundalini awakening easier and more enjoyable. In the book is also a test that can be used to find out whether your kundalini is active and to what degree. You will learn:
  • Detailed explanations about what kundalini is and how this process changes every aspect of our life 
  • How to best integrate the kundalini process into our lives  
  • Why walking the Buddhist middle path  is the best way to navigate the kundalini process
  • How higher-consciousness healing can help you grow on your spiritual path and alleviate all kundalini symptoms
  • How to heal and dissolve all disturbing feelings  
  • How to understand and heal all physical symptoms  
  • How to free yourself from all mental problems  
  • How to constructively change and improve your relationships to fit in with your kundalini process 
Tara Springett M.A. has been in her own kundalini process since 1978. She has a Masters degree in education and has been a qualified psychotherapist since 1990. In 1997, she received her Tibetan Buddhist teachers’ permission to teach. Tara is the author of numerous self-help books. Since 2010, she has specialised in helping people suffering from kundalini symptoms. You can find hundreds of positive testimonials for her work on her various websites.
Read the introduction of HEALING KUNDALINI SYMPTOMS here The book is available as hard copy and kindle version in all good bookshops and on the amazon websites. The German translation can be found here.

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